The Soundtrack of Baron Sodor’s Theatre of the Doomed Volume 1 is out now!!!

If you’re a fan of the podcast then you are going to love the soundtrack album of season 1 of the show. Recorded by legendary Italian psychedelic experimental band Il Terrori Notturni the album features some of the most chilling and atmospheric songs from the hit show including The Summer of Capricorn, The Monster and their classic hit The Nightmares Behind the Doors of Perception. The album is now available to buy or stream from iTunes, Spotify and wherever good music is available.





About the Band

Il Terrori Notturni are an Italian experimental, psychedelic rock band formed in Cinque Terre in 1966 by Innocenzo Graziano and his brother Romeo. They released two albums as part of the Italian skiffle scene in 1967 and 1968 until the two brothers moved to San Francisco with other members of the Naples Soccer team in the spring of 1969. Becoming part of the counter culture movement, Innocenzo and Romeo collaborated with four Italian friends to form the first line-up of Il Terrori Notturni and release the landmark counter-culture album Psychedelic Nightmare. The record made the band one of the biggest alternative rock acts in the world, releasing three successful albums before a riot at their concert in 1972 resulted in the injuries of fifteen people and major damage to the Coliseum in Rome.

In the aftermath the band was dropped by their record label and several members criminally charged for their part in the riot. While they were ultimately found innocent of any wrong doing, the band broke up in 1975.

In 2019, the original members of Il Terrori Notturni reformed when they were asked to score Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed podcast by Blood, Brains & Aliens. After 47 years apart, the band has just released their first studio album which is a conceptual soundtrack of the production.

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Needle in Your Eye were a German electronic music duo from Dusseldorf, formed by Johannes Feuchtwanger (aka Pixel) and Nadja Weidenmann-Fischbacher (aka Octonionic). They achieved popularity in the 2000’s as part of the Russian Industrial Electro Movement, combining elements of synthwave, funk, techno and rock. The duo garnered critical acclaim for their debut album ‘The Only Light Radiates from a Single Cell in My Cerebral Cortex’, generating the hit songs ‘Radiative Zone’ and ‘Gas Giant’. In 2009 the band started on their follow up record ‘From the Streets of New Chechnya’ a concept album written as a companion piece to the sci-fi novel ‘The End of Everything We Know’ by Aaron Harvie. The project generated a tremendous amount of interest until both Johannes Feuchtwanger and Nadja Weidenmann-Fischbacher were tragically killed when a gas main ruptured beneath their studio in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan while the duo was finishing the recording. The fire also destroyed the bands entire back catalogue of music including the only known completed master of the album ‘From the Streets of New Chechnya’.

While nobody had ever heard ‘From the Streets of New Chechnya’ in it’s entirety, BB&A music has painstakingly recreated the lost album from recovered computer files from the remains of the studio.


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