The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return Part 2 is out now, and your response so far has been overwhelming, in fact it’s the biggest first day we’ve had, thank you!!!

We’ve have had a lot of feedback about the first episode, DARK was one word… INTENSE was another… but a lot of listeners were confused by the cliff hanger ending… now that part 2 is out we hope that this epic mind-bending story is starting to make sense.

But it’s not over yet.

Work begins on the 1st of July on part 3 of The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return… we will be releasing the conclusion to this mammoth 3-hour podcast in late July so keep your eyes peeled.

After the Infernal Circle is complete, we will be focusing all our energy on the final episode of season 1, The Satanic Rites of Ashly St. Ives. If you like old school Hammer Horror… you’re going to love this one!!!

Thanks again to all of you out there for listening… don’t forget to download our episodes and tell a friend. Get ready for the conclusion of the Infernal Circle of Eternal Return dropping on streamers everywhere in July!!!




The Soundtrack of Baron Sodor’s Theatre of the Doomed Volume 1 is out now!!!

We are so thrilled to announce that after 47 years the legendary Italian psychedelic band Il Terrori Notturni have recorded and released the soundtrack album for our podcast entitled Baron Sodor’s Theatre of the Doomed Volume 1!!!

This is a huge day for all of us here at Blood, Brains and Aliens as we have been so thrilled to work with these legendary musicians on our podcast and after so many years away it’s great to see them return with a slew of new material!!! 

If you’re a fan of the podcast then you are going to love the album. It features some of the most chilling and atmospheric songs from the hit show including The Summer of Capricorn, The Monster and the re-release of their classic hit The Nightmares Behind the Doors of Perception.

The album is now available to buy or stream from iTunes, Spotify and wherever good music is available!!!!




The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return Part 1 is out now, thanks to all who have listened so far and shown their support… it’s been huge!!!

The latest episode of our acclaimed podcast rocketed up the charts across the world the moment it was released, hitting number 1 in several countries, and charting in the top 10 in many more. Not even in our wildest dreams would we ever have believed the response our little show has gotten!! 

Work begins this week on part 2 of the podcast which should be out sometime before the end of May, and we can now confirm there will be a final 3rd part to the story which should be released in June!!!


Plus, we have an extra little surprise for all the Baron Sordor fans out there… Il Terroni Notturni have completed work on the first Theatre of the Doomed soundtrack album which should be available to buy/download/stream in the coming months!!!

Thanks again to all of you out there for listening… don’t forget to tell a friend and get ready for part 2 of the Infernal Circle of Eternal Return dropping on streamers everywhere in May!!!





Recording has officially wrapped on the new episodes of Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed… and it’s sounding great. The first part of our epic new story, The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return is halfway through editing at the moment and should be ready in a few weeks. At this point we still have no idea if we are going to release this episode on its own or wait for the whole story to be finished before we release them all… only time will tell.


We have also released three new T-Shirts that are now available on our website and through our social media stores. One is from an upcoming short story I am writing called One Minute till Midnight and features one of the crazed killers in the book… Crackles the Clown!!!


Another is a re-issue of the seminal 70’s underground exploitation flick, The Rats from Hell featuring original artwork by Capitolina Padovani.


And the third is a book cover T-Shirt of my first novel The End of Everything We Know.


We have some big stuff coming up in the next few months with not one but two new books coming your way, a new album, as well as plenty more Baron Sordor so stay tuned!!!!




A new short story is on the way.

Super excited to share the news, one of my short stories entitled ‘The Apartment at the End of the Hall’ will be featured in the new vampire anthology, Nosferatu Unbound. Check out the press release below…


IFWG is very pleased to reveal the cover of Nosferatu Unbound, edited by Steven Paulsen and Christopher Sequeira, and consisting of a stellar array of writers. The superb cover art is by Chantal Handley and the atmospheric cover design is by Greg Chapman. Those who will purchase this upcoming title will also have the added pleasure of seeing two internal art pieces by the very talented Dillon Naylor. 


Nosferatu began his reign of stark, silent, chiaroscuro terror over the public consciousness in 1922, when he first crawled onto cinema screens. No glamourous, cultured European vampire like the literary gothic titan whose legend he was trying to usurp. No: he was a thing of blade-like, angled animal talon and fang; hideous by any measure.

Inspired by F. W. Murnau’s masterpiece of German Expressionist cinema, supported by Max Schreck’s sinister portrayal of Nosferatu – an unauthorised adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula – this book presents a powerful collection of fiction by some of the best voices in contemporary horror. Look inside and be astounded.

Alongside these amazing new stories of Graf Orlok, Nosferatu, you will find an important account by Dacre Stoker, revealing for the first time the damaging impact the illicit breaching of the DRACULA copyright had on the Stoker family, and Dracula Society member Julia Kruk provides a tour of the actual locations – which still stand – where the 1922 classic was filmed.

Nightmare awaits within; as silent as death.

The contributors to this enthralling anthology are:

Leverett Butts
Sal Ciano and Peter Rawlik
Jack Dann
Claire Fitzpatrick
Aaron Harvie
Nancy Holder and Alan Philipson
Steve Kilbey
Jim Krueger
Julia Kruk
Brad Mengel
Kirstyn McDermott
Jason Nahrung
Deborah Sheldon
Jim Shepard
Dacre Stoker
Helen Stubbs
Steve Rasnic Tem

and an introduction by Leslie S.Klinger

Nosferatu Unbound will be released globally in June/July 2024.


I finished a new novel!!!

At the end of last year, just before I went on summer break, I decided to give myself a challenge and see if I could finish a new novel by the time the holidays ended. I failed dismally… but I did end up completing it last week. The book is the novelization of an upcoming episode for Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed called The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return. It’s a strange detective psychological thriller that takes a wrong turn somewhere along the ways and ends up in a totally unexpected place from where it began. The book goes into proof and edit next week and hopefully will be available from our website, online retailers and selected bookstores sometime in April/May!!!


The new episode of Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed dropped yesterday and it got an incredible response, the first day worldwide downloads were off the charts and the biggest we’ve experienced so far!!! Thanks everyone for supporting us!!!

The Summer of Capricorn is a crime/noir thriller and an extremely dark and sinister episode. The story follows a broken-down private detective named Joe Castle who is hired to investigate a missing person’s case by a mysterious stranger. As Joe delves deeper, he discovers that things aren’t what they seem, and that he might have just uncovered a serial killer that has been preying on women for decades.

The Summer of Capricorn features stellar performances from Torquil Neilson, Sep Caton, Virginie Laverdure, Felicity Jurd as well as Jeff Martin from The Tea Party as Baron Sordor, if you haven’t listened yet make sure you check it out… Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed is available now on all streaming platforms.

Unfortunately, there won’t be another episode dropping until March. As each one of these epic productions are like making a mini movie it takes time to pull them together. But the next one will be worth the wait… The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return starts casting next week and will go into full production by the end of February!!!



Got to say that 2024 is off to an amazing start.

Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed has roared up the charts around the world cracking the TOP 40 SCI-FI PODCASTS in USA, TOP 20 in CANADA, #3 in AUSTRALIA (soooooo close) and NUMBER 1 IN THE UK!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has listened so far and a HUGE thanks to those that shared, told a friend, or left a review… it’s been amazing.

So, to celebrate we have put together a limited edition official podcast T-Shirt… if you’re a fan of the show make sure you get your hands on this one before it disappears.

The final mix of the new episode The Summer of Capricorn is done and is ready for release next week. A bit of a warning… this one is DARK!!! Originally, we were toying with the idea of dropping another epic 2-part episode, but we have delayed that till March so now there’s even more to look forward to!!!

Work continues on the new novel. Updates on that soon.




Happy Festive season to everyone, I hope your end of year break was filled with family, friends, and happiness and that you are all just as pumped as I am for 2024!!!

Our podcast, Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed got off to an incredible start, charting in the TOP 10 Sci-Fi Podcasts here in Australia and the TOP 50 in the UK and Canada which is such an incredible result for our little production team!

Episode 2 The Summer of Capricorn is currently in the process of getting its final mix and we should be seeing its release by the end of the month. We will also be aiming to record 2 more episodes in February with the hope of releasing them in March and April. Fingers crossed the Il Terrori Notturni soundtrack record of the podcast will be available soon after.

There is also a short story I have penned entitled The Apartment at the End of the Hall which is coming out in a very creepy anthology by IFWG Publishing in the coming months… more details to come on that very soon.

My New Years Resolution is to publish TWO NEW NOVELS this year… an ambitious task for sure, but one I hope to accomplish.

Thanks again for all your support last year, it was truly overwhelming. I hope that we can make 2024 even better!!!





We are so excited and thrilled to announce that the first episode of our podcast, Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed, is now live on all streaming platforms as well as right here on our website!!! The first episode is called The Broadcast, and it’s awesome, an epic sci-fi homage to old school shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits!!! We can’t wait for you to hear it.

And don’t worry, there’s more on the way soon… The Summer of Capricorn episode 2 will be out in January, and we have big plans to hit the studio soon after that, so keep an eye on our socials for announcements.

Creating this whole thing has been a HUGE learning curve and could not have been done without the hard work of so many… thanks go out to these awesome people in no particular order… Melissa Barrett, Tim Pellegrino and Baron Sordor himself Jeff Martin, it has been a pleasure and an honour to work with all of you!!! To Lilly Bader for her tireless work, talent, and enthusiasm. Kathryn Scott and the team at Scout for all the support. Nick Bird for his endless patience and skill. Torquil Neilson for starting this whole thing by agreeing to be in it. Il Terrori Notturni for coming out of retirement to record our epic soundtrack (which will be out early 2024). Our wonderful cast, Kristian Schmid, Felicity Jurd, Jeeves Verma & Sep Caton, and last but most definitely least to my uber talented wife Natalie who has guided this ship with such a steady hand… This would not have been possible without all of you!!!

Hope you enjoy the show!





Xmas is coming!!!

The silly season is almost upon us. To celebrate Blood, Brains & Aliens is releasing our annual holiday limited edition T-Shirt. This year’s shirt features a homicidal, axe-wielding Santa and the ominous phrase “He Knows When You Are Sleeping”.


These ringer t-shirts are great for presents or for bringing the holiday spirit to life, but get in quick, this design is only available until Christmas Eve. Shirts start at $35 AUD and are available in sizes small through 3XL.

Happy holiday season everybody!!!!





What an incredible opening for the Blood, Brains & Aliens website, and the launch of my debut novel The End of Everything We Know. In all honesty I never expected to get the reaction we have gotten, thanks to everyone who purchased a book, grabbed some merch, or simply just logged on and checked us out… your support has been overwhelming. And while I’m saying thanks, I wanted to give a shout out to all of you who follow Blood, Brains & aliens on the socials, we just cracked 12k followers and have been included in the top 10 sci-fi influencers for 2023, which is amazing considering we only started Blood Brains & Aliens a little over a year ago!

We have some Xmas merch coming out in December with a couple of new designs for the silly season, I will post an update when they go live. We’ve had a few requests now for specialty t-shirt designs, sizing changes and swapping of design on shirts, remember if you have any requests, get in contact on email or on the socials, we’d love to help.

Work continues on the Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed podcast and it is coming together nicely. We will be updating release dates in the coming weeks. Until then here’s a little behind the scenes shot of Torquil Neilson, Sep Caton, Felicity Jurd and Lilly Bader recording The Summer of Capricorn while Natalie Harvie and myself look on from the control room.

Well, that’s it for this week. Will have some more exciting updates in early December.




It’s so awesome to be launching the new Blood, Brains & Aliens store. In June 2022 I decided to walk away from the comic book publishing business I was a part of to focus on my writing. A little over a year later the result is Blood, Brains & Aliens and I couldn’t be happier. 

My debut novel The End of Everything We Know is now available to buy as well as a great range of merchandise and some awesome music. But there’s so much exciting stuff coming up and I wanted to share where everything is at.

First up is the podcast, Baron Sordor’s Theatre of the Doomed. This is such a great project, and all of us on the team have had a blast working on it so far. We have fully recorded the first three episodes and scored, edited, and assembled episodes two and three. Work begins on editing and assembly of episode one in November and the score will be delivered in December by Innocenzo and the guys from Il Terrori Notturni. Further to that the scripts for episodes four and five are complete and episode six is being written as we speak. Hoping to deliver episodes 1, 2 & 3 in early December… more news to follow.

The Horrors of the House of Blood is almost complete. It’s a massive book (I think it’s going to be over 500 pages when it’s done), so the revisions, rewrites, editing, and assembly are going to take a couple of months, but I am pretty confident we will have it out in the first half of 2024!!! There’s also a couple of other projects on the horizon including a short story called The Apartment at the End of the Hall that I have contributed to a new anthology collection about a certain vampire… but more about that as the release comes closer.

As far as music goes, we are thrilled to be working with legendary psychedelic rock band Il Terrori Notturni. They will be releasing a soundtrack album for the Theatre of the Doomed podcast early next year as well as re-releasing their classic album Psychedelic Nightmare with 2 previously unreleased tracks. Stay tuned for more information on release dates in the coming months.

We are always putting together new merchandise ideas so check back in regularly for updates. If all goes well, there are plans for a board game and maybe an action figure or two… who knows where this will all lead.

Thanks again for stopping by, make sure you follow us on the socials and drop us a line if there’s anything we can help you with.