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The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return.

What if what we see every day isn't real… what if reality itself is just a delusion, a cruel trick played by our cosmic creator and we are doomed to live the same life, make the same mistakes over and over again.

Divorced, alcoholic and struggling with addiction, police detective Brady Hitchcock is a man clinging to the last strands of his sanity. When a young girl is snatched from the street by a brutal child murder known only as The Monster, Brady Hitchcock has less than twenty-four hours to save her from a torturous fate. But as he delves deeper into the case and the killer’s twisted pathology, he finds himself descending into an inescapable maze of the mind where he is confronted with a truth too terrifying to comprehend.

The Infernal Circle of Eternal Return… one person’s reality is everyone else’s nightmare.

Coming 2024 from Blood, Brains & Aliens.