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The End of Everything We Know (Paperback)

The End of Everything We Know (Paperback)

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His name is Cyanide Jones.

He works for Human Resources Management. They supply solutions for business problems. He’s a company man, a corporate head-hunter. But that doesn’t mean what you think. He doesn’t recruit people to go work for some company. He terminates their employment, permanently. When he is hired to kidnap the leader of a feared eco-terrorist group it starts off a chain of events that will either change the world forever or destroy it once and for all.

Set in the not-too-distant future, in a world destroyed by climate change, corporate greed and government corruption, The End of Everything We Know is a hard-boiled neon nightmare, a cyberpunk history of what’s to come. Just like a short, sharp punch to the face, it will leave you seeing stars, spitting teeth and screaming for more.



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